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Yuujou Daiko was established in 2012 through our friendship and our passion for taiko.  The meaning of Yuujou is "friendship", which is indicative of our camaraderie and shared goals that formed our group.  We are comprised of taiko players from all over Southern California who have been in such diverse groups as Hikari Taiko, Kokoro Taiko, Taiko Center of Los Angeles and East LA Taiko.

Since our formation, we have been given tremendous support by the local taiko community and would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation.  We are grateful for the encouragement that we have received and hope that through our passion and efforts, we can make significant contributions back to the community.

In 2021, we applied to become a non-profit organization.  Our Mission is to share the traditions, values and joy of Taiko drumming through performances, workshops, educational presentations and instructional classes.

Yuujou Daiko is based in Gardena, Californial at the Japanese Cultural Institute.  We currently offer classes in Gardena. See our CLASSES page for more information.

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