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March 23, 2021

-On behalf of the Friends of the Chinese American Museum.....we would like to thank you for your participation in our 20th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Lantern Festival.  This year's [virtual] celebration....was a huge success in part because of your partnership with us.

-Michael Truong, Executive Director-Chinese American Museum

Sept 23, 2019

-"Judi, your group's performances was the favorite of many of our attendees.  Thank you so much for putting on another great performance!!!!  Please tell your group how grateful we are.  Thank you!"

-Lana Kim

Chieko Kinoshita

"Thank you again for joining us last Friday and for an AMAZING PERFORMANCE!  I know the Japan Foundation was thrilled as well,  and we are all looking forward to the 28th.  Thank you again for taking the time out to come join us!


"I would just like to thank you and the Yuujou Daiko team for such an amazing performance at the event. Our team was stunned at the professionalism and engagement with the audience, and we were able to get great media of Yuujou Daiko and the crowd that gathered."


Managing Director, Anifest 2018

The Activity Staff at Kei-Ai South Bay talked with me this morning letting me know what an AMAZING time everyone had during your performance.  They are beyond excited for your October visit.  


Kevin Onishi

Community Engagement Specialist



Please let them (your team) know how grateful we are they braved the weather to perform at the opening of Nikkei Track & Field Games 2014 - you brought so much happiness to those attending!  

-Neddie, Nikkei Track & field Games, 2014


The Friendship Task Force of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection would like to express our thanks for your participation in our Golden Japan Festival.  The festival is very special this year as it is part of our church's 50th anniversary celebration.  The sound of the taiko is always a perfect way to end the day of festival celebration.  We thank you and are so appreciative for sharing your talents with us. -LCR's Friendship Task Force, 2014


Thank you for a great performance!  Our guests very much enjoyed it.  -Van, Asian American OC Bar Association, 2014



You drew in such a crowd, it was a pleasure to watch your group perform.  Until next year!  -Katy Murakami, Firecracker 10K Run, 2013


Yuujou Taiko was a hit with the shoppers and drew in people off the streets!  -Janet, Kokoro Event at the Japanese American National Museum, 2012

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