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Hope you are excited to start playing taiko!  

Please review this page in preparation for class.

If you're interested in joining the class, please send an email to

What to Bring

Drums - Yuujou Daiko will provide practice drums.


Bachi - Each student is expected to bring their own bachi.  You can purchase bachi at class for $25 or from Asano ( in Torrance.  Recommend maple or oak chu daiko bachi

Ear protection is recommended.

Masks are recommended, but not required.  If you are not feeling well, please stay home.


Class Rules and Counting Basics

Please review the class rules and counting basics in the links below. 

For counting, we will mainly be counting 1-8 in Japanese and English.



The instructors are from the Yuujou Daiko performing group and may vary week by week.



Please review and sign the waiver below.

If you have trouble accessing the waiver below, are accessing this from mobile, or want to print and sign the waiver, please see this link to open a new window or these links to print the general waiver and Covid waiver.


Email if you have any questions!

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